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Personal Update 2021

Since 2016, I’ve been working on Elytra and was the Lead Developer & Designer at Shyplite.

Shyplite was a good opportunity for me to explore domains like managing teams, product roadmaps, scaling products at an exponential scale amongst other things. Over time though, the environment became increasingly stagnant for me.

So at that point, I did the obvious and resigned from my post at Shyplite to look into iOS/macOS opportunities.

I did decide to take a break for 3 months to recuperate from mental exhaustion, which in hindsight was a fantastic idea. It gave me ample time to also slowly work on Elytra’s v2.4 release for iOS and iPadOS 15.

Since september though, I’ve been actively looking for a new job with little success. Most companies either ghosted me after the initial application, interview or phone call. I managed to get through a few which were some of the most ridiculous interviews I’ve been in (heck, one guy didn’t even understand what I said about RunLoops and told me I was completely wrong 😂)

I didn’t want to rush it though. I wanted to work on some good apps, work at a place and with people who can help me grow myself professionally, and give me enough time for personal growth. And luckily, being patient helped me.

I’m happy to let you know that I’ve decided to join the BusyMac and 2Do team starting tomorrow.

These are some fantastic apps with a very long history. I’ve grown up with these apps and now I get a chance to work on them.

Elytra (and soon Pockity) won’t be going anywhere. They won’t be going into maintenance mode. They will be actively developed, supported and will get scheduled releases as always. The macOS 12 release for Elytra is ready and I’m waiting for Apple’s signal to submit it. Pockity will soon enter its private beta followed by a public beta cycle.

There are lots of people I want to personally thank, but there are just too many of y’all (see how incredible you all are). So thank you for supporting me, and I appreciate your continued support, words of encouragement and some really amazing reviews (and even the funny ones) on the AppStore.

Here’s to us! 🥂