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Lonavla, Nov 2020

Over the middle two weeks of November, we celerbrated Diwali, albeit with lessened enthusiasm this year. However, one event during that festival: Bhaubeej (or Bhaiduj in Hindi), the extended family decided to getaway to our uncle’s on-going project in Lonvala.

This project’s first phase is due to complete by March,2021. So it was a good opportunity for us to celerbate and be there amongst ourselves without intrusion while observing pandemic-level precautions.

La Ville, Lonavla - Entrance and driveway

La Ville - Completed Sample Building

La Ville - Interior

Around the site is the start of the Pavana river. It’s a private area shared by the few properties there. I’ve shot some videos around there for my iPhone 12 Camera review, but here are some quick shots from the area:

My aunt and I saw this photo and wondered if we should audition for Rock On 3.

Road leading to the Pavana River, a nearby rice farm plot

Pavana River

Local goats grazing near the Pavana River

At around 5:00PM, I decided to walk back to the site and join the pack again. Some shots as the sunset had just begun:

The rice farm plot

Pavana River

Country Roads....

Finally, around 6PM, we left for home after all our celebrations. While still on our way to the main town of Lonavla, we spotted the beautiful sunset sky.

Brother's silhouette against the setting sun.

It’s unfortunate how the tourists have spoilt the serene beauty of this place. Trash thrown all around the place, plastic bags & bottles, alcohol glass bottles and disposable glasses. It was quite a sad note to end an otherwise wonderful day.

But the day had another surprise waiting for me, at my own fault: At the exit of the Lonavla town towards Mumbai or Pune, in the dark, I accidentally turned towards Mumbai. Entering the Expressway, I noticed the distance marker read Panvel, 51KM. Luckily, I was able to find a turn point 11KM away.

The two-way journey back to the Lonavla exit point cost us a solid 30 minutes, but the family and I will remember this one for a good while and laugh about in years to come.

La Ville, Lonavla - Entrance and driveway