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First Impressions of the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 & 12 Pro are now generally available in India. After deliberating over my choices for 2 weeks (yup!), I finally decided to take up Apple on their Trade-In offer for my 3 year iPhone X. 

And golly! What a surprise this phone is. Compared to my X and my brother’s iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 feels completely different. 

iPhone 12 Black - Front

I have not held a phone like it in my hands before. It’s so light, for a moment I thought I was punked and someone sent me a dummy phone with no internals, just a shell.

The most fascinating aspect of this phone though, is the back. Yes, its very similar to the iPhone 11, but not really. The squared edges make it look very different, and it seems like the polishing on the back is much much finer compared to the 11.

iPhone 12 Black - Rear

I took the above shot with the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 wide open just to show how reflective that surface is.

The sides give me flashbacks, brought back happy memories from the iPhone 4 and 5 days. Those were such amazing phones, especially the 5S. They finally have a worthy successor in the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Black - Left iPhone 12 Black - Right

I can surely see myself using this phone over the next 3 years, unless Apple launches a new phone with radical changes over that time. Until then, I finally have the new camera system in hand (which Apple introduced in the iPhone XS) and I’m very exicted to explore it.


During the Trade-in, for some reason, my iPhone X refused to show the Diagnostics Menu in the The delivery guy, his manager, and I were all confused as to why this was happening. They had never encountered something like this before. I then remembered this was also accessible by opening the URL scheme diags:// in Safari. Worked like a charm. If you're looking to upgrade and don't plan on keeping your phone, I urge you try Apple's Trade-In program.