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Earlier At Lunch

Earlier at lunch, my brother and I decided to debate the pros and cons of buying the iPhone 12 Pro over the iPhone 12.

As we debated, I played the event video on the TV, so we could be sure we didn’t miss any points.

I was winning the debate, if I may so myself, when I decided to check the pricing after trade-in. And my goodness what a shock that was to the both of us!

After trading, I’d have to pay ₹98,000 (USD 1342). After trade-in! For the base model.

We both called off the debate right there, laughed at my silliness to not have checked the absurd ₹1,19,990 (USD 1643) price tag before deciding to discuss this!

Apple has really, horribly, goofed up the Indian Store pricing this year. And absolutely none of it makes sense.

It’s almost as if Apple does not wish people with iPhone X to upgrade to the 12 Pro, or first time buyers consider it, given the competitive pricing Samsung brings in.