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On Quitting

Modern society has placed an incredible amount of mental debt on thoughts surrounding “Quitting”. Quitting something largely has a negative connotation around it unless you’re quitting a bad habit of chain smoking or heavy drinking or the likes. 

Quitters have often been looked down upon. Joined the gym but quit a week later? Society dictates you should feel bad about it. Quit a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere or was outright unhealthy for you? You must have done something wrong. 

Well, f*** that. Quit, leave the past behind, walk all over it and kick it while it is down if you have to. Quit the bad relationships, quit the bad jobs and bad managers, quit the toxic workplaces. Your state of mind, your peace, you matter more to the people who truly care about you. Quitting something isn’t bad. It is at best a temporary setback, or an opportunity to start fresh. 

Be a quitter once in a while. It’ll do you good.