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  • Those beautiful sunsets are back. #Pune 38465B7F-65A2-4F18-A2D0-B080A436E5A3.jpg

  • Pune is leading the charts for new COVID cases and by a huge margin.

    From the statements of various officials, it seems like all ventilators are now occupied. Two individuals have already lost their lives because they could not get one in time.

    This isn’t about April 2020. This is about April 2021. The exact same situation. All over again.

    At least 2000 people are fined daily for not wearing masks. This is incredibly disturbing trend and every time I think about it, I tend to lose my mental balance.

  • I cannot believe I achieved this! 200% on my move goal. F1CB2CD4-B6C5-4F1B-B4DD-D2B26F4E93D0.jpg

  • I don’t remember the last time we had cool, moist mornings in Pune.

    New time restrictions has also reduced the traffic on roads with most jobs going back to work from home.

    Feels like a loop starting again (from last year’s April).

    PS: Pune has the most number of COVID cases in India. It is brutally scary to venture out even for the smallest of tasks. 1CA85290-0232-4494-BE37-09E17D01AD7F.jpg

  • Look up. Be humbled. 1947DEDE-1E69-4B76-A4C7-25131AE182EB.jpg

  • 31st March marks the end of the financial year in India.

    I haven’t been able to shake off the “it was Friday yesterday” feeling.

  • Testing on iOS to publish to my

  • When 2021 started, I decided I need to invest some time every week into learning Numbers, Pages, Keynote as a soft skill.

    Today, I discovered the powerful feature of Smart Categories in What’s incredible is that it works on macOS, iOS and iPadOS.

  • Gaming on the iPad is about to get its biggest boost in the last couple of years with the launch of iPadOS 14.5.

    Game controllers have been supported for a while but being able to use the latest gen controllers is a game changer.

    I’ve been playing Samurai Jack and Pathless over the last couple of weeks and it’s been fun. Haptic feedback is currently missing but I believe as soon as iPadOS 14.5 is out, we’ll be seeing updates from game developers who care about these things.

    Coupled with WWDC coming up later in June, the future for gaming on the iPad looks bright.

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