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  • One week’s worth of thermal data from using the MacBook Pro 14”. Not bad at all.

    I’m looking forward to testing this again in the Indian summer 😄

    Screenshot 2021 12 17 at 7 16 18 PM

  • The MacBook Pro 14” continues to impress me. 

    I now wonder if my wait of 7 weeks was worth the 32GB upgrade. I have not even reached the 16GB threshold after running Sketch, FCP X and Xcode workloads on it (separately). 

    Perhaps once I start a Resolve project in it for colour grading work, I might see it using more RAM. 

  • First impressions of the MacBook Pro: that display is something else.

    The first image of an HDR clip pinned to 1000 nits (HLG limitation). The rest of the UI is at the brightness set by me (3 stops below 50%).

    I exposed the shot in the camera app such that the brightest spot in the shot does not clip at the highlights. 🤯 7D3EB58F-99CE-457E-8C3D-A110EF5F849E.jpg 50483250-B79E-4D2C-BA86-E0313EA5AF89.jpg

  • Good morning from a foggy and pleasant Pune. According to weather analysts, we haven’t had such weather in 25 years (sounds about right) and such low day time temperatures since 1901. 3B311929-0921-45F3-A873-C99F44B4612B.jpg E179EAD9-E1EA-4F0E-9146-6048EF7C3294.jpg

  • I couldn’t resist an early morning walk with weather so good. Some #photos from the 🏃🏽 6D683043-1804-40FD-864C-DB0205A37123.jpg 241440EC-D93D-4CF7-86A2-72B518C0C5B8.jpg FF559831-8F40-4A21-B823-D8A57E7BACE4.jpg

  • Cloudy, light drizzle and chilly. My kind of weather. 8B62BE3E-ED95-4669-AF89-79470BD05AA9.jpg

  • I’m ready for the holiday season. The weather is finally cooling down a bit which is helping with the significant mood boost.

    Or it could be chocolate. Either way, worth it.

  • Made some pies today for our neighbor and mum

  • Anybody got any playlists for the holiday season? I’m looking to explore new music, styles and genres.

    Apple Music is preferred, but I’m fine checking out whatever you have. Languages other than English are fine too.

  • I first started drinking coffee 12 years ago. Today, I finally found my favourite coffee cup.

    Hope you enjoy your favourite beverage as much as I’m going to now. ☕️