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  • Tranquility & Trust

  • Woke up just in time to capture today’s morning blue hour. Moon in scene at 53° above horizon. 88640FB1-0E0E-40B2-BACF-B4A18C64DD3A.jpg

  • Last year, in its last week, I ordered a coffee machine. I put that transaction on a no-cost EMI plan with my card vendor. 

    That was the last EMI I setup on the card, or any of the cards I have. 

    My new year’s resolution for 2021 was achieving financial independence. No more EMIs, pending card bills or similar credit items.

    And I’m happy to write that I’ve successfully done it. It was hard, and tricky, especially considering I had no active source of income for about 3 months. 

    Careful planning, tracking expenses using Pockity (something I’m building when I get some free time) and budgeting helped me get through the year. 

    Looking forward to another year, and for as long as it takes for this to be become a habit. 

  • One of my best still-life shots from the iPhone from this year. Revisited it, re-edited using Pixelmator 2.0 on the iPhone. Love the colours I was able to setup and the overall future-noir mood. 

    IMG 2140

  • A few weeks of using the MacBook Pro 14” regularly and now I’m left wanting for an always-online Mac mini powered by the same chip so I can run Xcode builds for archiving onto it, perhaps even video transcoding for final deliveries. 

  • Frightening image of the scope of Internet Shutdowns in India.

    Dissenting voices (and their amplification) are suppressed on social media by completely blocking internet access in affected (by what though?) regions.

    This has also affected online education for students joining in remotely during the pandemic and internet businesses (a lot of them who started setting up ecomm stores during the pandemic).

    All of this, to suppress dissenters. I guess it’s now, “you can silence the idea temporarily, but never kill it”

    Source 1E26FBA9-E7C7-4B39-BA78-A84550880D3C.jpg

  • I severely miss being able to travel and explore the rural areas around me with my camera. 😔

  • How does one even attempt to resist desserts that look like this?

    The tasted as good as they looked 58530DF0-A425-4B3D-A602-5157ECC9E948.jpg BEB78DDC-1EA2-4C69-9EA1-ECD6757C5E25.jpg

  • Glad to be able to turn on “Cinema Mode” on the watch after 18 months.

    I finally broke my dry spell of no movies at the theatres. Was fun. I didn’t realise until now how much I missed the audio setups at cinema halls. Golly, that was good! 0432D067-09ED-49AB-A937-48CDEBC0E9E7.jpg

  • I’m in absolute awe of how good Pixelmator 2.0 is on the iPhone.

    Finally some proper controls and colour grading for still images on a phone. A272F9A4-5470-41CA-A52E-46720707B8CD.jpg