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  • On the other side of the room, we have the Çitdibi, Pointed Mountain National Park

  • Sunrise from our hotel room in Antalya, Turkey.

  • The drive to and from the IST airport is gorgeous at sunset. You can spot these wind turbines all over the place.

  • Had this beautiful effect on the airplane window glass on my way to Istanbul.

  • The most handsome of my boys! Yes, I have a favorite.

  • On Friday, I had the absolute pleasure of marrying this wonderful person. This photo, shot by my brother, is a small peek at our admiration towards each other.

  • Got the RX 5700XT today to add to my Hackintosh to get support for editing and composing 6-8K videos.

    I’m incredibly impressed by the finish and engineering on this cooler. Not something I’ve been used to coming from AMD.

  • - [UIImage imageWithTintColor:renderingMode] is such a nice addition to iOS 13. I’m still discovering new methods introduced in iOS 13. Doc Ref.

  • For the first time since Jan, 2017 (when I got my first Apple Watch, the Series 2) I have been able to close my excercise rings for a week straight. This is a major milestone for me as I have always struggled to get going due to various physical and mental reasons.

  • I’m in the beautiful Kolhapur with excellent weather all through the day.