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  • Spotted this gorgeous blooming tree on my morning walk. Anyone know what it is called? 1A4492DD-5D5C-4ADC-871E-FA6C38E7593F.jpg

  • February was a very interesting month for me. My February challenge was a bunch of 15 minute exercise routines.

    Not too bad, I thought. Until I was to actually execute them. But the feeling afterwards, the energy that lasted the entire day, is what I seek now.

    The Apple Watch has had a more positive influence on me than I had previously imagined. It dragged my out of my depression, it put me into a regular exercise regime and made me want to put healthier calories in my body.

    Technology is truly wonderful when you use it for its intended purposes, and the people who make it possible are just amazing people.


  • On Quitting

    Modern society has placed an incredible amount of mental debt on thoughts surrounding “Quitting”. Quitting something largely has a negative connotation around it unless you’re quitting a bad habit of chain smoking or heavy drinking or the likes. 

    Quitters have often been looked down upon. Joined the gym but quit a week later? Society dictates you should feel bad about it. Quit a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere or was outright unhealthy for you? You must have done something wrong. 

    Well, f*** that. Quit, leave the past behind, walk all over it and kick it while it is down if you have to. Quit the bad relationships, quit the bad jobs and bad managers, quit the toxic workplaces. Your state of mind, your peace, you matter more to the people who truly care about you. Quitting something isn’t bad. It is at best a temporary setback, or an opportunity to start fresh. 

    Be a quitter once in a while. It’ll do you good.  

  • Elytra’s v1.6 update is now available on the AppStore. Triple Column layouts are a must for RSS Feed Readers these days 😅

  • TIL, if you connect an external display under macOS Catalina and set it up for mirroring, Do Not Disturb is automatically enabled. Upon unplugging, it is disabled for you. Very cool, and thoughtful.

  • Addtionally, I built a new workstation in Jan (I’ll post about that separately), so I moved my older one (i7 5820K, 1080Ti, Liquid Cooled) to the living room and connected it to my LG C9. 1440p, 120Hz HDR gameplay is breathtaking.

  • LG first adding Airplay 2 support to their 2019/2020 TVs, followed by the Apple TV app with Dolby Vision support and recently announced Dobly Atmos support (coming later this year) is the perfect setup for me. I almost bought the Apple TV Hardware last year. Glad I did not.

  • Adam makes the point that you don’t get to choose your inherent personality or traits, but you do get to choose your values. And sometimes you have to disown “who you are” in order to serve your values.

    Follow Your Values, Not Your Passions

  • Aegean Sea — Antalya, Turkey

  • The bread vendor and his orange tree.