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  • 2. The Commerce

    The IT & BPO Sector are two of the top four largest industry sectors in my city. Being in such close proximity to them, knowing what happens there in almost a regular fashion, I have some not so great outlook on the job security  of people working there. 

    Given the dire situation of PPE for Medical Staff dealing with this pandemic in India at large, it is safe to assume, at the time of writing of this, that we are going to fall short, by a huge margin, of ICU beds, ventilators and the like. 

    Most staffing in these two sectors happen from suburbs, small and large towns across the nation at most of these IT and BPO companies. It’s the “city life” dream that is used to attract them. I wont go too much into the mental stress they are put under for no fault of their own. 

    Now think about the second and third paragraph of this post in tandem. Most of these people already lead incredibly stressful lives, have little to no access to good medical help for physical ailments let alone psychological ones. These companies are going to incur losses over this period and are going to look towards cutting jobs. This will continue until things stabilise. 

    But the damage will already be done. We’ll end up millions without a job, hopeless, under incredible stress, with no access to medical facilities. The companies which employ the IT & BPO companies here will remain unaffected. I am betting there will be another country all ready to setup such an industry of their own to attract these companies. And once they do, the millions will keep growing in count. 

    All of this can be avoided if we can act now. And act now we must. For these millions are amongst our friends, our colleagues, our family or we depend on them in one way or the other. And while you’re at it, call everyone else, your friends and family. Make sure they are doing okay, because these lockdowns can and will have an effect on everyones psychology. Stop ignoring the mental effects of this pandemic on people around you and yourself. 

  • 1. Inessential Travel

    Over the next couple of days, I’m writing down my thoughts on what this pandemic’s effects can be over the long term.

    In the past couple of days, India has been under national lockdown with only the absolute essential services being allowed, including transport and fuel to enable such services. 

    As people are now learning what the bare minimum services and who these service providers are, I hope they find a new appreciation towards them, their jobs and what they enable for us: the privilege of social-distancing and staying/working from home. 

    I hope people realise and learn about all the non-essential traveling they do. I have personally avoided traveling outside a 5km radius unless absolutely necessary. I rarely travel for leisure. I can do all of this because I have the privilege to do so. Most people around me do not.

    They will elect to rent out an apartment roughly 10-15km away from the workplace. They may get a small allowance for fuel for their vehicles from their respective companies and HRA, and they’ll waste a chunk of their salary on fuel for their personal vehicles, so they end up nulling out the effect of renting a cheaper apartment. They also end up increasing their overall carbon footprint by doing so. 

    I hope we realise that this clean air we have managed to get back is only temporary if everyone goes back to their old habits after this lockdown. If we keep our non-essential travel, consumption of resources, and abuse of resources the same, we’ll be back to where we were. World 2.0 will remain a distant dream. 

  • In 2018, I added support for RPC pings in Elytra.

    In 2019, I promised first class support for RPC pings: read: Push Notifications like WebSub users.

    In 2020, exactly today, I have finished implementation. My RSS Feed readers can now get real time notifications in Elytra. 😁

    Article: RPC First Class Support

  • Remote Working/Working from Home isn’t for everyone. It works for some people, some people make it work, and for the rest: it just doesn’t work.

    You may find yourself not focused, procrastinate more, less motivated, constantly distracted.

    That’s alright. That’s okay. Everything around you is already laced with chronic anxiety at the moment. Don’t let this add to it. Take it easy, take it slow.

    Once we get through this, you’ll be back in your natural work environment, where ever it is.

  • I have not heard so many birds all chirping and singing for at least 15 years.

    I can hear possibly a car or two every 15 minutes which breaks the harmonics. Apart from that, sunny day, nice breeze and the birds doing their thing.

    I got a few recordings which I am sharing under a Creative Commons License Link

  • Helvetica is streaming for free this week. This and Restaurants on the Edge should have me covered for Sunday.

    Free Movie of the Week — OH YOU PRETTY THINGS

  • Made a simple sour cream and smoked ham sandwich with the sourdough baguette. Incredible flavour, like nothing I’ve had before. 4E936D25-1E68-43A9-B5F2-D4A74A6A1BEA.jpg

  • I made my first ever sour dough bread, my first ever baguette, and I am very happy with how they turned out.

    For my next batch which I’ll be making tomorrow: I want to improve on the shape and the scoring. I wasn’t very confident today and ended up not scoring deep enough.

    Not all is lost though: they taste amazing and my house smells incredible. DA7D9A35-B34A-4D5D-BD94-E99D6B7CA14B.jpg

  • Started making my first sourdough starter on Monday. Stone ground whole wheat and stone ground whole sorghum. This is on day two. Today is day 3 of the process. 1E416F4B-0640-467A-8988-D45818138772.jpg

  • Spotted this gorgeous blooming tree on my morning walk. Anyone know what it is called? 1A4492DD-5D5C-4ADC-871E-FA6C38E7593F.jpg