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  • The only thing I could pair with the stormy weather we have in Pune right now was some Ramen noodles. Nothing else would do justice. 24F79718-06EF-4B1B-BFB9-1399E8C50C4B.jpg 10066C23-B70F-404A-83EB-F1B7532A502E.jpg

  • I released Elytra for Web in Public Beta earlier today. I have been working on it since Dec. 2019 and I’m so glad to finally push out a web project after 4 years of hiatus.

    You can read all about here

    Elytra Web running in Safari with a separate window open for listening to podcasts

  • Apple has finally improved and optimised the AMD6000X kext (Navi GPUs) in MacOS 10.15.5 yielding a 8K point improvement in Geekbench.

    Seeing overall improved performance in FCPX and Resolve 16 as well. E993CD49-B471-47F9-8EC3-B76505B15FD8.jpg

  • Updated the wallpaper to something less flashy. I believe I am now set. C8E594EB-0EB8-4567-B476-EAA3061EFA5D.jpg

  • I don’t know why I didn’t get monitor arms sooner. Got my shipment today. Took 30-min to setup and adjust and now I have so much free space on my desk.

    5B7BB308-8CF2-4C4E-ACFC-E7C7A12CAAC8.jpg E001CE47-690A-4D84-B596-30216193C2A9.jpg

  • Changi Airport’s (Singapore) Terminal 4 has been working on an automated check-in, immigration and departure system where the passenger does not interact with any ground staff….since 2018. Is this the future for all airports considering the 2020 pandemic?

    Watch on Youtube

  • And just like that, I complete a week of no-smoking.

    It wasn’t easy, but I never thought quitting a long time habit would be that simple.


  • I Quit

    I took my own advice. Not entirely by choice. But I did it.

    Today, at 7:30PM, I completed 24 hours without smoking a cigarette. I broke a 10 year long habit. 

    I am going to continue going to my same spot every few hours just to catch a breath of fresh air. And I am going count to 20 (a pack of cigarette). Every time I complete 20 visits, I’m going to put money equal to the cost of a pack in an envelope.  

    This is how I am going to start my retirement fund. \o/

  • 4. Self-Sufficient

    Humans are inherently self-sufficient beings with a certain position in the food-chain. We can cook for ourselves, clean our modest dwellings, ourselves and our belongings, grow our own food.

    There are some who specialise in certain things: medicine, surgery, smithing, construction, agriculture, husbandry, poultry, and the list goes on.

    However, overtime, we forgot that we are self-sufficient and started to overtly depend on others to provide us cooked meals, clean for us, maintain for us.

    We are now bound by the limits of our homes, or wherever else we happen to be. Suddenly, a lot of people are finding themselves stranded. That is never a good place to be.

    But you can get up. You can become self-sufficient. You can learn to provide for yourself to the best of your abilities. And whenever you need help, don’t be afraid to ask.

  • 3. Contactless

    This is it. This is the worst possible manifestation of the idea, but this is probably what we needed to get the Govt. & RBI and Apple working together to bring Apple Pay to India.

    People are going to be afraid to touch payment terminals, ATM machines for a while. I am. Just the other day, I was running out of food for my cats, so I went to the pet store to get some. I insisted that I use the NFC mode to make the payment.

    If we do get Apple Pay, I am certain Google will follow suit and bring their own system in place. Phones with NFC are ubiquitous now.

    I am keeping the  Watch out of this scenario for now as not many people own them here.

    Dear Apple and Google, let’s get this done. Please.