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  • Today I discovered music by Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

    Today is a good day. Here’s the playlist I’m vibing to right now.

  • Gorgeous moon rise today. 215A064A-9172-4204-8CF3-E027BC27EBF1.jpg

  • Elytra was featured again on the AppStore yesterday. 🎉 13521C46-C3DB-4BDB-961C-F12E570927F6.jpg

  • Made 3-cheese pizza for dinner last night. I’m slowly getting the dough right.

    I still can’t find a decent oven stone in my city or state. FA123582-BB76-4646-8ABB-BF0134358365.jpg 96725954-F378-4771-9F90-0A0761D2E7B9.jpg 18223020-A21D-45EC-8411-C37D92DA6B83.jpg

  • O’right, the setting sun is making things interesting. A08D9148-71D7-44AA-9750-0D6747AA6F4C.jpg 8DF68FB4-3324-4FC3-A141-D47102EE7967.jpg

  • Some panorama shots of the incoming clouds ☁️ BA41054E-DC58-4494-9279-68E80BF3C826.jpg A5186F69-16A0-4EEB-A19F-6F368BC8E232.jpg

  • The monsoon clouds are closing in. C03E9574-54F8-4DD5-8C64-816EFE4CFA33.jpg

  • Spotted a “Bob Ross” Cloud today. :] FB051A11-5640-48BA-B019-0AED0BA231CD.jpg

  • As an Airtel Cellular Services subscriber, I am not sure how I feel about Amazon looking to buy shares worth $2Bn.

    If and when that happens, I’m sure AMZ will find a way to start snooping on stuff and extend their CDNs to Airtel’s Media apps.

  • Glorious sunset sky lines after a storm. F8FA7162-6ADE-4517-831D-B40185742F14.jpg 95634C56-CD15-4C47-8115-F9B70F6A4541.jpg