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  • Rains in September have become common since 2017.

  • I was away for the weekend for a short break.

    Elytra 2.0.1 and the new Auto-Renewing Subscriptions were approved late Friday night.

    Since June, I hadn’t felt this relaxed, disconnected from my desk and work, and simply enjoying the company of the people around me and my surroundings.

  • Istanbul, 2019


    Red FerryFerry Restaurant

    Galata Tower

    Galata Tower - 1 Galata Tower - 2

    Hagia Sofia

    Hagia Sofia at DuskHagia Sofia - Entrance showing the lit interiors.

  • This week has been a roller coaster!

    I need rest 😓

  • Arun wrote on his blog about the macOS System Preferences app and its design over the years and several macOS versions ( wasn’t it Mac OS a few years ago?).

    Very interesting read. Being able to visualise the changes over time like this really puts the hard work the Designers & Developers, over at Apple, put into their craft.


    PS: I haven’t mentioned this before, I really admire the design of his blog and the time he puts behind every single post.

  • Elytra 2.0 was just approved and should slowly become available on the App Store. I wrote about the various changes in this release here.

  • As if 2020 wasn’t stressful already, Apple decided it wasn’t enough and turned things up to 11 for all 3rd party devs.

  • Since December of 2019, I’d been really looking forward to today, the Annual September Apple Event when Apple launches new phones.

    My iPhone X of almost 3 years is showing its age. I was looking forward to upgrade it. Seems like that isn’t happening today, but I have my fingers crossed that Apple launches at least the non-Pro phones today.

  • Made pulled chicken for the first time last night. Turned out pretty well, would have preferred it to be a bit more hot. Added jalapeños and habanero sauce on top to pack some extra heat. 🥪

  • Will be spending a good part of my Saturday creating better rules in to categorise my email either automatically or manually (using the Apply Rule option).

    I need a much much improved system for this. Receiving 30 updates from Github itself with repos across 4 orgs induces an odd feeling I definitely do not like. Need those emails away from my eyes until I decide to look at them.