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  • Shot with the Ultra-wide lens on the iPhone 12, edited in F613A282-EA88-4A97-82C9-70BD5D5E4B66.jpg

  • Apple has improved the performance of the Navi10 GPUs under macOS Big Sur by a lot! Same hardware: 46% improvements in OpenCL and Metal is a huge jump.

  • Elytra comes to macOS Big Sur

    In all my excitement of releasing Elytra for macOS Big Sur, upgrading several systems to Big Sur and celebrating Diwali, I completely forgot to mention it on my

    Here are some screenshots

    Elytra running on Big Sur in Light Theme

    Elytra running on Big Sur in Light Theme with Preferences window open

    Elytra running on Big Sur in Dark Theme

    Elytra running on Big Sur in Dark Theme

    You can download on the Mac App Store here. There is also a special Diwali offer on the subscriptions with the yearly subscription down to 50% of its standard price up to the 27th of November.

  • Rangoli by the wife, for yesterday’s Diwali Celebrations 4DA7AF3C-5FED-4753-AFAE-36EAC4061923.jpg

  • Noir. 26E28BC4-A458-4B88-BB31-9E4E17333C14.jpg

  • Neighbourhood all lit up for Diwali 🎉🪔 D7BA98E5-5976-4773-9B43-7E8563110030.jpg

  • Pies from last night 86C05D64-AB10-4087-8822-CB2D59B75F98.jpg B4039A0C-3F81-4536-91D4-95DCC8A3A0A9.jpg

  • We finally got some time to be derps around each other again. 6D8F96F7-F5CF-49BD-80A4-B8ABC4A8824B.jpg ECD11B33-A05B-493F-83AE-9584651BEFD3.jpg

  • Hoped to spend the evening with him, couldn’t give him much time, but managed to grab him posing for me after a long time. FC87662F-4AD6-45F0-8ED9-C7D170DE1C03.jpg

  • First night mode shot from the iPhone 12! I’m blown away! 🤯

    Happy Kojagiri. 5B0EBC7F-B6D3-44C9-9E45-F31EF4DA9775.jpg